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For reweaving and reknitting, prices depend on the size of the damage and the difficulty of the weave or knit. Upon physically examining the garment, we will be able to quote a firm price for the repair.

Prices start at $10 for reknitting, and $40 for reweaving.

For alterations, the following is a price list for common clothing modifications:


hem a skirt or a dress $15.00
hem a pair of pants $15.00
shorten sleeves on a dress shirt $10.00
shorten sleeves on a jacket $25.00
take in the body of a jacket $20.00
take in the body of a dress shirt $15.00



  • replace/re-stitch buttons
  • lining
  • replace pads
  • replace zipper
  • beadwork

Please keep in mind that alterations and tailoring are highly individualized to your specific needs. The price list serves as a guideline and prices may vary depending on the complexity or simplicity of the service.

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